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Get To Know Carla

Carla has been in the hair styling industry since high school, where she won an industrial scholarship for her perfect grades in beauty culture. At the age of 18, Carla officially started her career at a stylist at a typical discount hair salon. She spent a year there, and then moved to a salon in Silver Springs.

Though her passion for hair kept her going, Carla has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and wanted to be able to incorporate her own creative ideas into her workplace. She decided to leave Silver Springs after another year, and then kick-started the salon Turning Heads located in Ranchlands.

Carla ran Turning Heads for 20 years with 13 employees, and loved every minute of it. The freedom of being her own boss, as well as being able to mentor and advise younger hairstylists made Turning Heads her best job yet. After 20 years, Carla felt the eagerness yet again to start something new, and sold her business in order to found Carla’z Studio.

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Tuscany, Calgary AB


(403) 547 0333


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